A veteran of the United States Military and proud dad to his two kids! Long Island born and raised, Kevin Lahey is a family man with a passion for his work. A U.S. Marine veteran, Kevin struck a deal with his long time employer, Ray Albini, upon returning from deployment in 2014. Ray’s landscaping business had been growing since the ‘70s and he was looking to pass the torch to a set of able hands. Kevin rebranded the company in his name, but retained the original clientele through quality service and personal attention to each and every customer. As a show of gratitude, Kevin still keeps Ray as his employee.
Kevin and Lahey Landscaping serve the Huntington area, with plans to expand in the near future. He treats each and every customer like family, and they return year after year because of it. With Lahey Landscaping, your property is in good hands. Kevin is known for his customized take on landscaping and setting the highest standards for his team.